Etiquette in the Digital Age: Effective Email Communication

emailDear sales people, customer service representatives and technical support engineers,

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7 Small Workspace Changes to Boost Productivity

Relaxing Workspace

We all have days at work when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to focus.  Your head turns every time you hear the ping of your neighbor’s mobile phone. And your eye starts to twitch when your email crashes yet again.

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Why Public Speaking Skills Matter in the Workplace


If you dread public speaking you are not alone. Business magnate Warren Buffet made his college class selections to avoid getting up in front of people and that the third most-watched TED Talks presenter of all time, motivational speaker Simon Sinek sees himself as the introvert cowering in the corner at parties. This post will […]

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8 Common Mistakes of New Managers


In this modern age of technology, it is becoming common to see fresh-faced men and women at the helm of large multinational companies. Facebook, for example, was launched from Mark Zuckerberg’s university dorm room and has grown to incorporate over 7,000 employees and has a net worth in the billions.

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Closing the Deal: 4 Sale Strategies to Live by


We all know sales is a hard, ill-famed gig. Yet, this role and these skills alone are pivotal to the success of any enterprise whether it be trading services or products. Here we present a strategical superfecta to help you and your employees seal the deal à la Don Draper.

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Team Building Tactics for Team Success

business teamwork - business men making a puzzle over a white background

Business is a competitive and complex game. To surge ahead of the competition everyone needs to pull together and work as a team. From the CEO captaining the group to each and every position and even down to the support staff,

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Are the Top Salespeople Born or Made?


Sales is arguably the most important department in an organization. This vital division identifies potential clients, negotiates the market value of products, and generates revenue for a company. No matter how innovative a product, how modern a company culture or how well financed an organization is, without sales a company cannot prosper – plain and […]

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Old School Leadership VS Contemporary Approaches

Success ladder

THE OLD GUARD Reminiscent of the tribal chief, absolute monarch or patriarch, throughout history autocratic leaders go it alone, making decisions largely without the input of others. In business, imposing authority on employees, particularly those that need close supervision, can lead to efficient systems

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5 Steps To Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths


Everyone has a weakness like procrastination, disorganization, or stubbornness that can make achieving career success more difficult. However, a tiny flaw doesn’t have to spell the end of your happiness in the workplace.

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Change Management: Should You ‘Push’ or ‘Pull’?

Change Management

Innovation is constantly occurring and it pushes society to evolve at a staggering rate. Technological development and globalization have redefined the tides of the business world and crises can’t always be predicted. So,it is vital that your enterprise is both capable of — and comfortable with — adapting.

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